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Federal Judicial History

The Center conducts research and produces resources on the history of the judicial branch of the federal government.  These resources include compilations of historical data on the courts, information about judges and judicial administration, as well as publications on federal judicial history. The Center also maintains a biographical directory of Article III judges from 1789 to the present, engages in outreach and education on federal judicial history, and works to promote the preservation of the history of the judicial branch.

Twitter Feed (@FedJudicialHist)

  • #SCOTUS decided Korematsu v. United States #OTD in 1944; ruled 6-3 that Executive Order 9066 requiring Japanese Americans to move into relocation camps did not violate the Constitution and was justified by military necessity
    13 hours 33 min ago
  • A Tale of Two Districts: Grover Cleveland nominated Charles Dickens Clark to a U.S. district court seat serving the Eastern and Middle Districts of Tennessee #OTD in 1894
    1 day 9 hours ago
  • @AdamSFeldman Hi, it seems that link isn't going to the right place. Please try this one instead: You'll see a link to the Advanced Search on this page.
    1 day 14 hours ago
  • William Merrick appointed to Circuit Court of the District of Columbia #OTD in 1855; court was abolished in 1863, in part b/c of allegations of disloyalty against Merrick during Civil War; he was appointed to successor court, Supreme Court of D.C. in 1885
    4 days 12 hours ago
  • Revolutionary War veteran and Supreme Court justice Henry Brockholst Livingston, distantly related to Presidents Bush 41 and 43, was nominated to #SCOTUS by Thomas Jefferson #OTD in 1806 (had received recess appointment in Nov.)
    5 days 12 hours ago