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Programs and Resources for Executives

Programs for Chief Judges

Conference for Chief Judges of the United States District Courts—Chief judges attending this conference have an opportunity to examine their own leadership and management roles and focus on how to use leadership competencies to better guide their courts. Chief judges also have the opportunity to learn about best practices from their peers and distinguished speakers.

Leadership Seminar for New Chief Judges—New chief judges participate in an in-person leadership seminar with their court unit executives. Part one of each program (1.5 days) is for new chief judges only and helps participants reflect on their personal leadership styles as well as their vision and goals for their tenure as chiefs. Part two of each program (2 days) brings the judges together with their respective court unit executives to plan how to operate effectively as a leadership team.

Leadership Tool Kit for Chief Judges—This online resource is designed for new chief judges in all court units. The tool kit is organized around the chief judge’s major responsibilities, as identified by a panel of experienced chief judges. In video vignettes, experienced chiefs provide suggestions and guidance on how to fulfill these responsibilities. The tool kit also provides new chiefs with access to additional video and print materials associated with each responsibility. The Center encourages new chief judges to review the tool kit before attending the Leadership Seminar for New Chief Judges.

Programs for Court Unit Executives

Judiciary Executive Leadership Program—The year-long Judiciary Executive Leadership Program (JELP) focuses on emerging leadership and management challenges, best organizational practices, and state-of-the-art thinking about organizational development. The program is meant to inspire experienced court unit executives to further develop their expertise and to expose them to new ideas and best practices for improving their individual courts and the judiciary at large. JELP consists of two in-person seminars, a series of knowledge-building webinars with leadership experts and thought leaders, and an executive coaching component. 

Programs for Deputy Court Unit Executives

Experienced Deputy Court Unit Executives Program—This program is tailored to meet the needs of experienced deputies. It addresses the particular executive leadership and management challenges that established leaders face. The program focuses on competencies and behaviors relating to business acumen, managerial courage, and organizational savvy. It is open to deputy court unit executives who have served in their roles for three years or more.

New Deputy Court Unit Executives Program

This program consists of one face-to-face seminar and one webinar for deputy court unit executives (CUEs) who are entering the executive level for the first time, have served in the position for six months to two years, and are responsible for managing supervisors. Deputy CUEs from all court units are eligible to participate. In this program, participants

  • Examine the transition from supervisory roles and responsibilities to executive ones and explore the unique facets of the deputy role
  • Develop a personal vision of service leadership (leader/follower) for their work as a deputy
  • Assess their own leadership strengths and challenges
  • Assess the opportunities and challenges of their relationship with their court unit executive
  • Apply a leadership tool kit, which includes assessing culture, building trust, and using influence
  • Articulate behavior and performance issues that impede their court unit’s work and develop proactive strategies for resolving and eliminating those issues
  • Describe the culture of their court unit and articulate how their ethics and values align with those of the court unit
  • Translate their vision into actionable strategies for successfully influencing and working within the court culture to achieve organizational goals.

In Session: Leading the Judiciary Podcast

This audio podcast is designed to bring cutting-edge thinking about public and private-sector leadership to the attention of judiciary executives. Each episode includes a conversation with one or more thought leaders whose research and expertise are relevant to the work of executives in the federal courts.