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Federal and State Court Cooperation

Sample Forms

Judges and administrators interested in establishing a state–federal judicial council often have initial questions about how to do so efficiently. The three sample forms below provide some template guidance on how to form the charter of a state–federal judicial council, as well as sample notices for an organizational meeting or regular meeting of the council.

The sample charter below and the 2017 pocket guide both address nine key elements to consider when organizing a council:

  1. Size (number of council members)
  2. Membership
  3. Leadership
  4. Staffing
  5. Meetings (how often, where)
  6. Agendas
  7. Committees and subcommittees
  8. Advisory groups
  9. Outreach

The sample forms are provided in the appendices of the pocket guide and can also be found at the links below: 

Sample Charter for a State–Federal Judicial Council 

Sample Notice of Organizational Meeting of a State–Federal Judicial Council

Sample Notice of Regular Meeting of a State–Federal Judicial Council