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The International Office

The Federal Judicial Center’s International Office (IO) collaborates with judiciaries from around the world, often partnering with judicial academies to improve the development and delivery of educational resources. IO also works on capacity-building initiatives, sharing its expertise on judicial branch research, court administration, case management, alternative dispute resolution, and pedagogy. Most of this work is carried out in partnership with other US government agencies, international organizations, or implementing organizations.

Judiciaries Worldwide: An Online Resource on Comparative Judicial Practice

Judiciaries Worldwide (JW) was developed to enhance general understanding of court systems. National judiciaries have varied histories and legal cultures. JW explores these traditions and offers insights about different approaches to court procedure and judicial administration. The site also highlights international rule of law institutions and reforms.


The International Office was created in 1992 to support the US government’s international rule of law efforts. Read more about its history and current projects.


The Center hosts judges in its Washington, D.C. offices and works on projects abroad. Learn more about briefings, technical assistance, and the Visiting Fellows Program.


Presentations about the US judicial system, an overview of the Center’s education and research for the US courts, and short videos can be accessed here. Translated materials can be found here.

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If you have questions about the Federal Judicial Center’s international programs and resources, please reach out to us.