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International Judicial Relations

The Center provides information to help improve the administration of justice in foreign countries. The Center conducts briefings and short programs for visiting judges and officials, serves as a resource for U.S. judges working with judges from other countries, supports rule of law assistance projects abroad, and produces informational materials about the federal judicial system. The Center does not provide financial or logistical support for international programs. Funding for international travel by U.S. or foreign officials comes from other U.S. government agencies, international organizations, or foreign governments and institutions.

The Center gathers information from abroad that may inform the administration of justice in the United States.

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Visiting Foreign Judicial Fellows Program

This program offers foreign judges, court officials, and scholars an opportunity to conduct research at the Center on topics relating to the administration of justice in the United States. The Center has hosted fellows from all over the world, including a judge from China who researched the role of assistant court personnel, a Brazilian judge who studied alternative dispute resolution, and a law professor from the Russian Federation who conducted research on strategies for securing judicial independence.

Download a PDF brochure describing the Fellows Program in more detail.

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