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This catalog contains records of Federal Judicial Center publications, including research reports, monographs on substantive legal subjects, manuals, and reference guides. The catalog contains a bibliographic record for each item, including title, author, description or abstract, and other information describing the item. Most FJC publications are available in depository libraries and federal court libraries. Unless otherwise noted, FJC publications are not copyrighted. For assistance please contact

Recent Publications

June 2017

A primer for judges on techniques and methods of case management.

March 2017

This pocket guide summarizes the essential concepts behind a variety of labor-saving techniques, known generally as technology-assisted review (TAR), that help identify documents for production. The guide outlines possible factors for... (read more)

February 2017

This handbook provides an overview of chambers operations and the work of the federal courts.

February 2017

The Center's report on research and education activities in 2016, submitted to the Judicial Conference of the United States as required by statute.

December 2016

The purpose of this guide is to help federal judges adjudicate civil cases alleging human rights violations under domestic and international law. This guide addresses cases with an international dimension brought in federal court pursuant to... (read more)