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Programs and Resources for Trainers

Court Training Exchange

This website provides court employees with a forum for sharing ideas, expertise, and resources on education and training efforts in the federal courts. It includes a discussion forum, a directory of court trainers, and a library of training materials.

Developing Training Plans

This program guides participants through a process that helps them identify the training needed to achieve court unit goals and develop a comprehensive training plan that includes a multiyear calendar. Court units conduct a training needs assessment before the program. The program is facilitated by Center staff and Center-trained court staff.

Learning Objectives

  • Write mission and vision statements for the training function
  • Agree on what everyone must do to support the training function
  • Indicate when training programs will occur and who will design and deliver them

Workshop for New Court Trainers

This workshop consists of a series of five web conferences. It focuses on the knowledge and skills court staff need to develop and deliver training programs that meet unique court unit needs. It does not include classroom facilitation skills for trainers.

Session topics include designing learning experiences for adults, assessing a training request, working with consultants, negotiating agreements, and managing the training event.

Participants complete independent readings and study assignments. Participants who complete all lessons, study assignments, and evaluations receive a certificate.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how to address adult learner needs through the design of a training program
  • Use six key questions to assess a training request
  • Design a training program with a consultant
  • Apply nine guidelines for conducting a collaborative negotiation
  • Describe appropriate responses to distracting trainer behaviors
  • Describe appropriate responses to distracting participant behaviors
  • Describe techniques for managing time during training programs

Competencies: Coaching, Communication and Presentation, Organizing