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Annual Report 2023

Message from the Director

The twelve regional federal circuit courts and ninety-four district courts are part of one national judiciary. At the same time, each court has regional and local ties and characteristics that result in variations in practices and policies. This dual national/local quality traces its roots all the way back to the debates about the role and structure of the federal judiciary in the Constitutional Convention and in the first Congress. Adding to this diversity are the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the Court of International Trade, and the Court of Federal Claims.

Report Highlights

30 research and evaluation projects completed, and work commenced or continued on 30 others
155 programs conducted, reaching 18,928 participants
30 new educational videos and podcasts produced with 37,767 views
16 reports, manuals, monographs, and guides published
730 requests for materials fulfilled
5,859 publications and media items shipped