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Annual Report 2018

Message from the Director

The Federal Judicial Center’s purpose is to “further the development and adoption of improved judicial administration in the courts of the United States.” In 2018, the commemoration of the Center’s fiftieth anniversary was a reminder of the many ways the Center has fulfilled that purpose throughout its history. Read more >> 

Report Highlights

Completed 24 major research and evaluation projects and continued work on 47 others
Provided 249 in-person and technology-based educational programs for over 26,000 federal judges, legal staff, and court employees
Helped to design, conduct, and teach another 33 programs, produced by other organizations, for 4,213 judges and court staff participants
Produced 36 new educational video programs, either for online delivery or for use in other education and training programs, and 8 new podcasts
Published or updated 24 reports, manuals, monographs, or reference guides
Distributed 10,659 printed copies of its publications, as well as 6,400 audio, video, and other multimedia programs
Distributed 6,400 audio, video, and other multimedia programs
Conducted the 13th annual teacher institute on historical cases in the federal courts
Hosted over 400 visiting foreign judges, court officials, and attorneys from 60 different countries and jurisdictions.