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CJRA Research Collection

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A statistical profile of the Southern District of New York's judicial workload between the years 1986 and 1991.

This booklet describes the programs and services available to federal court personnel in 1994 from the Court Education Division of the Federal Judicial Center. Services include seminars or workshops in strategic planning and case management

An unsigned and handwritten note.

Civil Justice Advisory Group for the District of Massachusetts

The excerpt of the district plan that contains discussion of the current state of the docket. Information was gathered through statistical analysis, interviews with judicial staff persons and members of the civil and criminal bars, professional literature, and other sources

An undated Reviews of Plans and Reports of the plan and report of the Northern District of New York's Civil Justice Advisory Group.

List of designated Early Implementation Districts in accordance with the CJRA. Pilot and demonstration districts are noted.

Sample chart and table like those that can be used in delay reduction reports


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