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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Tentative List of Consensus Items from FCSC Report Stephen Wermiel Download
News Articles: Civil Justice Reform 09/13/1991 Herb Jaffe, Gordon Hunter Download
News Articles: Civil Justice Reform 10/25/1991 S.D. Cal. Terry Carter Download
New Jersey Law Journal: Notices to the Bar 07/19/1993 D.N.J. John Francis Gerry Download
Memos: Senator Joseph Biden's Comments at his Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings Held June 26th 07/09/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Joseph R. Biden, Ann Pelham, William Hubbs Rehnquist Download
Memo: RAND Report on the Civil Justice Reform Act 01/30/1997 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Darryl Van Duch, RAND Institute for Civil Justice, Associated Press Download
Memo: Civil Justice Advisory Group Report Appears in North Dakota Law Review 02/14/1994 8th Cir., D.N.D. Edward J. Klecker, Civil Justice Advisory Group for the District of North Dakota Download
Memo: Biden Speedy Trial Bill S. 2027 03/05/1990 D.N.J. Leonidas Ralph Mecham, John Francis Gerry, Henry Gottlieb Download
Letters: Judges Positions on S. 2027 03/02/1990 E.D. Ark., W.D. Ark., D.D.C., E.D. Mo. John Francis Nangle, Oren Harris, Aubrey Eugene Robinson Jr., Ann Pelham Download
Letters: District of Massachusetts Advisory Group Inauguration and Duties 03/15/1991 D. Mass. Joseph Louis Tauro, Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Arthur R. Miller, Joseph R. Biden Download
Letter: Observations on the Present Senate Bill Entitled "Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990" 02/28/1990 D.N.J. John Winslow Bissell Download
Letter: Judge William L. Hungate to Judge John F. Nangle 08/29/1990 E.D. Mo. William L. Hungate, Stephen Labaton Download
Federal Court Watch: Two Tardy Judges Are Late Yet Again 12/02/1991 Garry Sturgess Download
Daily Appellate Report: Questionnaire Directed to Practitioners in the Central District of California 11/22/1991 9th Cir., C.D. Cal. Civil Justice Advisory Group Central District of California Download
Court Administration Bulletin: New Jersey Performs Annual Assessment 03/01/1993 D.N.J. Mark D. Shapiro Download
Court Administration Bulletin December 1990 12/01/1990 Download
Court Administration Bulletin 03/01/1992 S.D. Ill. Mark D. Shapiro, Court Administration Division Download
Bureau of National Affairs Alternative Dispute Resolution Report Vol. 4, No. 12 06/07/1990 Sophie C. Eilperin Download
Articles: Civil Justice Reform Ann Pelham, Charley Roberts, Stephen B. Middlebrook Download
Articles: Civil Justice Reform Diana E. Murphy, Robert Banks, Stephen B. Middlebrook, Stephen Labaton, Charley Roberts, Stephen Wermiel, Henry Gottlieb, Ann Pelham, Neil E. Bogan, Janan Hanna, Rhonda McMillion Download
Article: U.S. Judges in N.J. Moving Cases on Time 12/05/1991 D.N.J. Allyson Lee Moore Download
Article: Two top court's 'motions-pending'report 03/01/1993 N.D. Ill. John Flynn Rooney Download
Article: Split of Area's U.S. Courts into Civil, Criminal Branches Urged 03/23/1993 C.D. Cal., S.D. Cal. Henry Weinstein Download
Article: Shall vs. May ? Judges Rebel Over One Word in Civil Reform Bill. 10/15/1990 Ann Pelham Download
Article: Rift Continues on Reforming Civil System 08/11/1992 Terry Carter Download