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July 17, 2024

This report, and the study on which it is based, were undertaken pursuant to a House Committee Recommendation to the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023.

Angelia N. Levy
February 15, 2023

This report summarizes court orders (administrative, standing, or general) that the U.S. federal courts have issued regarding authorization of interim payments to Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel attorneys.

Roy P. Germano, Timothy T. Lau, Kristin A. Garri
October 29, 2022

This report uses caseload data to examine case-processing trends in the United States district courts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Judicial Conference of the United States, Committee on Court Administration and Case Management
June 13, 2022

This manual provides trial judges a handbook on managing civil cases. It sets out a wide array of case-management techniques, beginning with early case screening and concluding with steps for streamlining trials and final disposition.

Carly E. Giffin, Rebecca N. Eyre
May 31, 2022

This report summarizes the responses to a survey conducted by the Federal Judicial Center in July 2021 to collect the experiences and insights of U.S.

David E. Rauma, James B. Eaglin, Carly E. Giffin, Marvin L. Astrada
December 16, 2021

This report presents the findings from focus groups conducted with judiciary and nonjudiciary stakeholders on the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts' Wiretap Report.

Leeann W. Bass
December 10, 2021

This report outlines the common themes that emerged in challenges and solutions identified in focus groups with district court judges and clerks of court, bankruptcy court judges and clerks of court, and magistrate judges from November 2020 to February 2021.

Angelia N. Levy
June 16, 2021

This report provides an overview of the availability of information about court operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically court information on the federal courts’ public websites and how the information is presented to and accessed by website visitors.

Ricardo S. Martinez
December 3, 2020

In this module, Chief Judge Ricardo Martinez (W.D. Wash.) relates lessons from his extensive experience running drug court programs in both state and federal courts.

Joseph LaFratta, Mary Page Kelley, Jason A. Cantone
December 3, 2020

Chief Magistrate Judge M. Page Kelley (D. Mass.) and Deputy Chief Probation Officer Joseph LaFratta (D. Mass.) discuss the structure, commitment required, and lessons learned from their court’s experience with a successful drug treatment court program. 



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