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Jurisdictional Issues

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January 1, 2008

The Center's report on research and education activities in 2007, submitted to the Judicial Conference of the United States as required by statute.

Kathryn R. Urbonya, Martin A. Schwartz
January 1, 2008

Section 1983 Litigation, Section Edition analyzes the fundamental issues that arise in litigation under 42 U.S.C. - 1983, and the case law interpreting those issues.

Vaughn R. Walker
July 24, 2007

In re NSA Telecommunication Records Litigation (N.D. Cal. 3:06-md-1791).

Robert A. Gorman
January 1, 2006

This monograph provides a concise overview of the law of copyright from its origins in the English common law through recent Supreme Court cases, designed to provide judges with a grounding in the essential concepts and statutory and case law in this specialized area.

Bruce M. Clarke, Robert Timothy Reagan
March 14, 2002

This monograph consists of an overview of the law of redistricting, a summary of statistical techniques frequently used in redistricting litigation, and a discussion of some of the major case management challenges presented by such cases.

Marie Leary
February 1, 2002

This report was prepared at the request of the Committee on Appellate Rules as they consider proposing a uniform rule on en banc voting procedures for the courts of appeals.

January 1, 2001

Form 26: Preliminary Report and Discovery Schedule

Form 27: Scheduling Order for Social Security Cases

Form 28: Order Setting Schedule for Social Security Cases

Form 29: Provisional Discovery Plan

Form 30: Memorandum and Order Regarding Discovery

January 1, 2001

Form 1: Initial Case Management Scheduling Order

Form 2: Order for Rule 26(f) Planning Meeting and Rule 16(b) Scheduling Conference

Form 3: Initial Scheduling Order

Form 4: Guidelines for Discovery, Motion Practice and Trial

Gordon Bermant, Arlene Jorgensen Hillestad, Aaron Kerry
January 1, 1997

A report that responds to a request by the Judicial Conference Committee on the Administration of the Bankruptcy System for empirical information and analysis on whether the bankruptcy case venue statutes and procedural rule should be amended.

Joe S. Cecil
June 1, 1996
Letter to the Chair of the Judicial Conference Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure regarding current research plans in the area of the committee's rulemaking authority under 28 USC § 1292(e).


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