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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Article: U.S. Judges in N.J. Moving Cases on Time 12/05/1991 D.N.J. Allyson Lee Moore Download
Articles: Civil Justice Reform Ann Pelham, Charley Roberts, Stephen B. Middlebrook Download
Articles: Civil Justice Reform Diana E. Murphy, Robert Banks, Stephen B. Middlebrook, Stephen Labaton, Charley Roberts, Stephen Wermiel, Henry Gottlieb, Ann Pelham, Neil E. Bogan, Janan Hanna, Rhonda McMillion Download
Bureau of National Affairs Alternative Dispute Resolution Report Vol. 4, No. 12 06/07/1990 Sophie C. Eilperin Download
Court Administration Bulletin 03/01/1992 S.D. Ill. Mark D. Shapiro, Court Administration Division Download
Court Administration Bulletin December 1990 12/01/1990 Download
Court Administration Bulletin: New Jersey Performs Annual Assessment 03/01/1993 D.N.J. Mark D. Shapiro Download
Daily Appellate Report: Questionnaire Directed to Practitioners in the Central District of California 11/22/1991 9th Cir., C.D. Cal. Civil Justice Advisory Group Central District of California Download
Federal Court Watch: Two Tardy Judges Are Late Yet Again 12/02/1991 Garry Sturgess Download
Letter: Judge William L. Hungate to Judge John F. Nangle 08/29/1990 E.D. Mo. William L. Hungate, Stephen Labaton Download
Letter: Observations on the Present Senate Bill Entitled "Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990" 02/28/1990 D.N.J. John Winslow Bissell Download
Letters: District of Massachusetts Advisory Group Inauguration and Duties 03/15/1991 D. Mass. Joseph Louis Tauro, Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Arthur R. Miller, Joseph R. Biden Download
Letters: Judges Positions on S. 2027 03/02/1990 E.D. Ark., W.D. Ark., D.D.C., E.D. Mo. John Francis Nangle, Oren Harris, Aubrey Eugene Robinson Jr., Ann Pelham Download
Memo: Biden Speedy Trial Bill S. 2027 03/05/1990 D.N.J. Leonidas Ralph Mecham, John Francis Gerry, Henry Gottlieb Download
Memo: Civil Justice Advisory Group Report Appears in North Dakota Law Review 02/14/1994 8th Cir., D.N.D. Edward J. Klecker, Civil Justice Advisory Group for the District of North Dakota Download
Memo: RAND Report on the Civil Justice Reform Act 01/30/1997 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Darryl Van Duch, RAND Institute for Civil Justice, Associated Press Download
Memos: Senator Joseph Biden's Comments at his Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings Held June 26th 07/09/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Joseph R. Biden, Ann Pelham, William Hubbs Rehnquist Download
New Jersey Law Journal: Notices to the Bar 07/19/1993 D.N.J. John Francis Gerry Download
News Articles: Civil Justice Reform 09/13/1991 Herb Jaffe, Gordon Hunter Download
News Articles: Civil Justice Reform 10/25/1991 S.D. Cal. Terry Carter Download
Tentative List of Consensus Items from FCSC Report Stephen Wermiel Download