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U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan: Judges

Number of judges: 23
Withey, Solomon Lewis (1863-1886)
Wanty, George P. (1900-1906)
Knappen, Loyal Edwin (1906-1910)
Sessions, Clarence W. (1911-1931)
Raymond, Fred Morton (1925-1946)
Starr, Raymond Wesley (1946-1968)
Kent, W. Wallace (1954-1971)
Fox, Noel Peter (1962-1987)
Engel, Albert Joseph (1970-1974)
Gibson, Benjamin F. (1979-1999)
Enslen, Richard Alan (1979-2015)
Bell, Robert Holmes (1987-2023)
Quist, Gordon Jay (1992-present)
Maloney, Paul Lewis (2007-present)
Jonker, Robert James (2007-present)
Neff, Janet T. (2007-present)
Jarbou, Hala Yalda (2020-present)
Beckering, Jane Marie (2021-present)

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