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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Fax: Critique of S. 2027 and H.R. 3898 05/15/1990 E.D. Tex. Robert Manley Parker Download
Memo: Robert F. Peckham to Senator Biden 05/23/1990 N.D. Cal. Robert F. Peckham Download
Memo: Subcommittee On The Biden Bill To Meet By Teleconference 05/24/1990 Karen K. Siegel Download
Letters: Correspondence with Senators Nunn and Fowler 05/25/1990 N.D. Ga. Robert Howell Hall, Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Sam Nunn, Wyche Fowler Jr. Download
Letters: Federal Judges Association on the Judicial Improvement Act of 1990 (S. 2648) 05/25/1990 D. Or., D. Minn. Diana E. Murphy, Owen Murphy Panner Download
Letters: Correspondence from Judges 05/29/1990 E.D. Mo. John Francis Nangle, Kent Conrad, Don Edwards Download
Memos: Comments on Civil Justice Reform Act 06/01/1990 N.D. Cal., N.D. Ala. William R. Burchill Jr., Robert F. Peckham, Sam Clyde Pointer Jr. Download
Memo: Funding for Biden Bill Experimental Courts 06/04/1990 N.D. Ohio Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Robert E. Fiedler Download
Memo: Federal Judges Association position statement on Title I of S. 2648 06/07/1990 D. Minn., 9th Cir., 8th Cir., N.D. Ga. Diana E. Murphy, Robert Howell Hall, Richard Sheppard Arnold, Betty Binns Fletcher Download
Bureau of National Affairs Alternative Dispute Resolution Report Vol. 4, No. 12 06/07/1990 Sophie C. Eilperin Download
Memo: Lance Wilson on Biden Bill - Judicial Conference Plan 06/08/1990 Lance Wilson Download
Memo: Changes to the Statement of Robert F. Peckham 06/08/1990 Karen K. Siegel Download
Memo: Differences Between the Biden Bill and the 1990 Conference Recommendations 06/08/1990 David L. Cook Download
Memo: Attached Paper on S. 2648 06/11/1990 Robert E. Fiedler, Bruce C. Navarro Download
Letter: Federal Practice Committee of the District Court for the District of Minnesota 06/15/1990 N.D. Cal., E.D. Mo. John Francis Nangle, John M. Mason, John R. Tunheim Download
Memo: Draft Of The Robert F. Peckham Prepared Statement 06/15/1990 N.D. Cal. Karen K. Siegel Download
Memo: Judge Peckham Prepared Statement on the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 06/18/1990 N.D. Cal. Karen K. Siegel, Robert F. Peckham Download
Memo: Judge Peckham Testimony on the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 06/18/1990 N.D. Cal. Karen K. Siegel, Robert F. Peckham Download
Memo: Judge Nangle Motion to Amend the Peckham Statement 06/19/1990 E.D. Mo., N.D. Cal. John Francis Nangle Download
Memo: The Civil Justice Reform Act 06/21/1990 N.D. Cal. Robert F. Peckham, William R. Burchill Jr. Download
Cover Letter: Final Statement of Judge Peckham 06/22/1990 James E. Macklin Jr. Download
Memo: Eugene E. Siler, Jr. to Robert F. Peckham Regarding S. 2027 06/25/1990 E.D. Ky., N.D. Cal. Eugene Edward Siler Jr. Download
Letters: Administrative Office Director and Chief Justice to Senator Biden 06/26/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, William Hubbs Rehnquist Download
Memo: Judicial Impact Statement for S. 2648, The Judicial Improvements Act of 1990 06/26/1990 Nancy Potok Download
Letter: Chief Judge Robinson to Senator Biden 06/26/1990 D.D.C. Aubrey Eugene Robinson Jr. Download