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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Fax: Critique of S. 2027 and H.R. 3898 05/15/1990 E.D. Tex. Robert Manley Parker Download
Memo: Robert F. Peckham to Senator Biden 05/23/1990 N.D. Cal. Robert F. Peckham Download
Memo: Subcommittee On The Biden Bill To Meet By Teleconference 05/24/1990 Karen K. Siegel Download
Letters: Correspondence with Senators Nunn and Fowler 05/25/1990 N.D. Ga. Robert Howell Hall, Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Sam Nunn, Wyche Fowler Jr. Download
Letters: Federal Judges Association on the Judicial Improvement Act of 1990 (S. 2648) 05/25/1990 D. Or., D. Minn. Diana E. Murphy, Owen Murphy Panner Download
Letters: Correspondence from Judges 05/29/1990 E.D. Mo. John Francis Nangle, Kent Conrad, Don Edwards Download
Memos: Comments on Civil Justice Reform Act 06/01/1990 N.D. Cal., N.D. Ala. William R. Burchill Jr., Robert F. Peckham, Sam Clyde Pointer Jr. Download
Memo: Funding for Biden Bill Experimental Courts 06/04/1990 N.D. Ohio Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Robert E. Fiedler Download
Bureau of National Affairs Alternative Dispute Resolution Report Vol. 4, No. 12 06/07/1990 Sophie C. Eilperin Download
Memo: Federal Judges Association position statement on Title I of S. 2648 06/07/1990 D. Minn., 9th Cir., 8th Cir., N.D. Ga. Diana E. Murphy, Robert Howell Hall, Richard Sheppard Arnold, Betty Binns Fletcher Download
Memo: Lance Wilson on Biden Bill - Judicial Conference Plan 06/08/1990 Lance Wilson Download
Memo: Changes to the Statement of Robert F. Peckham 06/08/1990 Karen K. Siegel Download
Memo: Differences Between the Biden Bill and the 1990 Conference Recommendations 06/08/1990 David L. Cook Download
Memo: Attached Paper on S. 2648 06/11/1990 Robert E. Fiedler, Bruce C. Navarro Download
Letter: Federal Practice Committee of the District Court for the District of Minnesota 06/15/1990 N.D. Cal., E.D. Mo. John Francis Nangle, John M. Mason, John R. Tunheim Download
Memo: Draft Of The Robert F. Peckham Prepared Statement 06/15/1990 N.D. Cal. Karen K. Siegel Download
Memo: Judge Peckham Testimony on the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 06/18/1990 N.D. Cal. Karen K. Siegel, Robert F. Peckham Download
Memo: Judge Peckham Prepared Statement on the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 06/18/1990 N.D. Cal. Karen K. Siegel, Robert F. Peckham Download
Memo: Judge Nangle Motion to Amend the Peckham Statement 06/19/1990 E.D. Mo., N.D. Cal. John Francis Nangle Download
Memo: The Civil Justice Reform Act 06/21/1990 N.D. Cal. Robert F. Peckham, William R. Burchill Jr. Download
Cover Letter: Final Statement of Judge Peckham 06/22/1990 James E. Macklin Jr. Download
Memo: Eugene E. Siler, Jr. to Robert F. Peckham Regarding S. 2027 06/25/1990 E.D. Ky., N.D. Cal. Eugene Edward Siler Jr. Download
Letters: Administrative Office Director and Chief Justice to Senator Biden 06/26/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, William Hubbs Rehnquist Download
Memo: Judicial Impact Statement for S. 2648, The Judicial Improvements Act of 1990 06/26/1990 Nancy Potok Download
Letter: Chief Judge Robinson to Senator Biden 06/26/1990 D.D.C. Aubrey Eugene Robinson Jr. Download