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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Congressional Record: Senate Report to Accompany S. 592 10/01/1990 Joseph R. Biden Download
Article: Shall vs. May ? Judges Rebel Over One Word in Civil Reform Bill. 10/15/1990 Ann Pelham Download
Congressional Record: House and Senate 10/27/1990 Download
Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 101st Congress, Second Session 10/27/1990 Download
Congressional Record - Senate 10/27/1990 Download
Article: New Judgeships, Measure to Streamline Civil Suits Approved by Congress. 10/30/1990 Download
Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 Timeline of Significant Dates, Draft Report Prepared by the Court Administration Division 10/31/1990 Download
Memo: Highlights of Legislation Adopted Prior to Adjournment of the Congress 10/31/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Memo to Federal Judges: Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 11/01/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Article: A Look Back at the 101st Congress 11/01/1990 Download
Memo: Implementation of Title III of the Biden Bill, the Federal Courts Study Committee Implementation Act of 1990 11/06/1990 Download
Letter: Judicial Councils, 28 U.S.C. Section 332(a) 11/07/1990 8th Cir. Donald Pomery Lay Download
Memo: Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 11/19/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Committee on Court Administration and Case Management's Subcommittee on Case Management Meeting Minutes 11/19/1990 Download
Letter: A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. on Judicial councils, 28 U.S.C. Section 332(a) 11/26/1990 3rd Cir. Aloyisus Leon Higginbotham Jr. Download
Memo: Circuit Judicial Councils 11/26/1990 Karen K. Siegel Download
Letters: Administrative Office and Federal Judicial Center Directors' Correspondence 11/28/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, William W Schwarzer Download
Memo: Composition of Circuit Judicial Councils 11/29/1990 William R. Burchill Jr. Download
Court Administration Bulletin December 1990 12/01/1990 Download
Public Law 101-650 12/01/1990 101st Congress Download
Statement by the President 12/01/1990 George Bush Download
Title I - Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plans 12/01/1990 101st Congress Download
Summary of Judicial Impact Statements for 1990 12/03/1990 Nancy Potok Download
Memo: Enactment of the Judicial Improvements Act of 1990, H.R. 5316 12/04/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Memo: Implementation of Title III of the Biden Bill, the "Federal Courts Study Committee Implementation Act of 1990" 12/05/1990 Duane Rex Lee Download