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In Session: Leading the Judiciary – Episode 33: Leading Outcomes, Others & Ourselves in Remote or Hybrid Workplaces

In Session Podcast

In Session: Leading the Judiciary is an audio podcast designed to bring cutting-edge thinking about public- and private-sector leadership to the attention of judiciary executives. Each episode includes a conversation with one or more thought leaders whose research and expertise are relevant to the work of executives in the federal courts.




Kevin Eikenberry
June 7, 2023

In remote or hybrid workplaces, leaders must be more intentional about building relationships that engender commitment, rather than just compliance, and focus more on accomplishment rather than just employee activity. This episode explores how to do that with organizational expert Kevin Eikenberry.

Kevin Eikenberry is founder and Chief Potential Officer of the Kevin Eikenberry Group and co-founder of the Remote Leadership Institute. He has improved the communication, leadership, learning, teams and teamwork of organizations worldwide for over twenty-five years. Kevin’s been named one of’s Top 100 Experts Worldwide in Leadership and Management and is the author of several books including The Long Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership, and The Long Distance Team: Designing Your Team for Everyone’s Success, released in 2023.