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U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma: Judges

Number of judges: 27
Vaught, Edgar Sullins (1928-1959)
Murrah, Alfred Paul (1937-1940)
Broaddus, Bower Slack (1940-1949)
Rizley, Ross (1956-1969)
Bohanon, Luther Lee (1961-2003)
Eubanks, Luther Boyd (1965-1987)
Cook, Harold Dale (1974-2008)
West, Lee Roy (1979-present)
Russell, David Lynn (1981-present)
Alley, Wayne Edward (1985-present)
Phillips, Layn R. (1987-1991)
Cauthron, Robin J. (1991-present)
Leonard, Timothy D. (1992-present)
Miles-LaGrange, Vicki (1994-present)
Payne, James H. (2001-present)
Friot, Stephen P. (2001-present)
Heaton, Joe L. (2001-present)
DeGiusti, Timothy D. (2007-present)
Palk, Scott Lawrence (2017-present)
Goodwin, Charles Barnes (2018-present)
Wyrick, Patrick Robert (2019-present)

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