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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Memo: to the Subcommittee on the Biden Bill (S. 2027) 04/06/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, William Hubbs Rehnquist, Robert E. Fiedler, Greg Scott Download
Memo: Biden Bill Updates and proposed revision 04/06/1990 William Hubbs Rehnquist, Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Judicial Conference Statement of Principles Reegarding S. 2027 04/06/1990 Judicial Conference Download
Memo: Judge James L. Oakes on S. 2027 04/12/1990 2nd Cir. James Lowell Oakes, Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Memo: 5th Circuit and 8th Circuit Opinions on the Biden Bill 04/12/1990 5th Cir., 8th Cir., E.D. Mo., N.D. Tex. Harold Barefoot Sanders Jr., Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Letters: Judge Parker Critiques S. 2027 04/13/1990 N.D. Ga. Robert Howell Hall, Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Memo to All Judicial Officers of the Sixth Circuit: S. 2027 04/13/1990 6th Cir. Eugene E. Siler Jr. Download
Memo: Senate Bill 2027 04/13/1990 E.D. Mo., 8th Cir. John Francis Nangle Download
Memo: Draft Plans of the Judicial Conference 04/16/1990 Karen K. Siegel, Robert E. Fiedler, Greg Scott, Wayne D. Brazil, Sarah Evans Barker Download
Letter: Key Differences Between the Four Bills to Be Discussed at the 4/17/90 Meeting 04/17/1990 N.D. Cal. Wayne D. Brazil Download
Joint Statement Concerning the Proposed Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990, S. 2027, H.R. 3839 04/18/1990 N.D. Cal., S.D.N.Y. Robert F. Peckham, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Federal Bar Counsel, New York County Lawyers Association, New York State Bar Association Download
Letter: Attorney C.B. Rogers to Senator Biden 04/18/1990 N.D. Ga. C. B. Rogers, Robert Howell Hall Download
Memo to the Chief Justice: Biden Bill Voting Process 04/19/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Letter: Proposed Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 (S. 2027) 04/19/1990 6th Cir., E.D. Ky., E.D. Mich. Virginia M. Morgan Download
Article: 9th Circuit Address Draws 400 04/19/1990 9th Cir. Susan Kostal Download
Letter: American Bar Association to Judge Robert F. Peckham 04/20/1990 D. Utah John Thomas Greene Jr. Download
Hawaii State Bar Association on the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990, H.R. 3898 04/20/1990 D. Haw. Samuel Pailthorpe King, Paul Alston Download
Memo: S. 2027, the Proposed Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 ("the Biden Bill") 04/20/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Joseph R. Biden, William Hubbs Rehnquist Download
Memos: S. 2027, the proposed Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 04/20/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Joseph R. Biden, William Hubbs Rehnquist Download
American Bar Association Memo: S. 2027 04/24/1990 Michael E. Tigar Download
Fax: Critique of Executive Committee Proposal 04/24/1990 1st Cir. Stephen G. Breyer Download
Fax: Civil Litigation Cost and Delay Reduction (Draft) 04/25/1990 D. Minn. Karen K. Siegel Download
Letters: District of Maryland Judges and Magistrates Responses to Biden Bill 04/25/1990 D. Md. Clarence E. Goetz, J. Frederick Motz, Frederic N. Smalkin, Daniel E. Klein Jr., Deborah K. Chasanow, Catherine C. Blake Download
Memos: Biden Bill Executive Committee Proposal 04/25/1990 1st Cir. Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Stephen G. Breyer Download
Fax: S. 2027 Judicial Concerns 04/27/1990 D. Minn. Diana E. Murphy Download