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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Administrative Office News Release: Judicial ConferenceEndorses Creation of 96 New Judgeships 06/05/1990 Download
Article: 9th Circuit Address Draws 400 04/19/1990 9th Cir. Susan Kostal Download
Article: A Look Back at the 101st Congress 11/01/1990 Download
Article: As I See It 08/01/1990 Michael E. Tigar Download
Article: Bill Gives Districts the Leverage 10/23/1991 C.D. Cal., N.D. Cal., S.D. Cal. Terry Carter Download
Article: Bill to Add U.S. Judges Shortchanges Texas by 6 06/18/1990 S.D. Tex., W.D. Tex. Mark Ballard Download
Article: Civil Justice Task Force Bows 01/28/1991 Andrew Blum Download
Article: Civil Reform / Judgeship Legislation Moves Ahead 08/01/1990 Download
Article: Conference Chief Schwarzer Targeting Law Firm Culture Terry Carter Download
Article: Discrete Forces Get in Line for Civil Reform Judicial Conference, Quayle Committee, Biden Bill Converge Pilot Programs to Start 10/23/1991 Terry Carter Download
Article: Federal Court Watch ? Biden Takes Judiciary to Task 07/02/1990 Ann Pelham Download
Article: Federal Court Watch ? Circuit Conference At Work and Play 05/28/1990 Ann Pelham Download
Article: Federal Court Watch: Biden, Judges Negotiate Civil Reform 05/14/1990 Ann Pelham Download
Article: Judges Address Civil Reform and Judgeship Needs 07/01/1990 Download
Article: Judicial Conference Approves Plan to Improve Civil Case Management 05/01/1990 Download
Article: Justice Stays Civil in Montana 11/25/1991 D. Mont. Carl Tobias Download
Article: New Judgeships Become Part of Civil Reform Legislation 06/01/1990 Download
Article: New Judgeships, Measure to Streamline Civil Suits Approved by Congress. 10/30/1990 Download
Article: New Law Reveals Some Very Old Suits in Judges' Closets 11/11/1991 Saundra Torry Download
Article: Oops Again 12/16/1991 Download
Article: Pact Reached to Cut Costs on Federal Civil Cases 05/18/1990 Charley Roberts Download
Article: Rift Continues on Reforming Civil System 08/11/1992 Terry Carter Download
Article: Shall vs. May ? Judges Rebel Over One Word in Civil Reform Bill. 10/15/1990 Ann Pelham Download
Article: Split of Area's U.S. Courts into Civil, Criminal Branches Urged 03/23/1993 C.D. Cal., S.D. Cal. Henry Weinstein Download
Article: Two top court's 'motions-pending'report 03/01/1993 N.D. Ill. John Flynn Rooney Download