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In Session: Leading the Judiciary – Episode 38: How Office Design Can Improve Wellbeing, Productivity & Resilience (29:53)

In Session Podcast

In Session: Leading the Judiciary is an audio podcast designed to bring cutting-edge thinking about public- and private-sector leadership to the attention of judiciary executives. Each episode includes a conversation with one or more thought leaders whose research and expertise are relevant to the work of executives in the federal courts.




Esther Sternberg
April 3, 2024

Dr. Esther Sternberg, author of Well at Work: Creating Wellbeing in Any Workspace, shares research on how our work environments impact our health and productivity. Dr. Sternberg provides guidance to leaders on how to integrate the seven domains of health into workspace design, fostering healthier employees who are more focused, productive and happier to be at the office.

Dr. Sternberg is a professor of medicine, psychology, planning and landscape architecture, and nutritional sciences and wellness at the University of Arizona. She has served as an advisor to the World Health Organization and the Vatican; in the U.S. she has advised the National Academy of Sciences, Department of Defense, and Congress. She is also the author of two previous books, The Balance Within and Healing Spaces.

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