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June L. Boadwine
July 23, 1990

Eigth Circuit Executive June L. Broadwine forwards her circuit's resolution on S. 2648 to Administrative Office Director L. Ralph Mecham

Gerald R. Ortbals, William Haskell Alsup
July 16, 1990

Gerald R. Ortbals, president of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, forwards his association's resolution on S. 2648 to Judge John F. Nangle.

Diana E. Murphy, Robert Howell Hall, Richard Sheppard Arnold, Betty Binns Fletcher
June 7, 1990

Correspondence regarding the Federal Judges Association's Position Statement on Title I of S. 2648, forwarded to Administrative Director L. Ralph Mecham by Diana E. Murphy

John Francis Nangle
April 13, 1990

Chief Judge John F. Nangle ummarizes the feelings of 8th circuit judges towards the current draft of the Biden Bill in a memo to Robert F. Peckham.

Harold Barefoot Sanders Jr., Leonidas Ralph Mecham
April 12, 1990

Reactions of 5th circuit and 8th circuit judges to Biden Bill, reported by Judges Barefoot Sanders and John F. Nangle and transmitted to the Judicial Conference subcommittee on the Biden Bill by L. Ralph Mecham

Larry C. Farmer
January 1, 1981

A description and analysis of the efforts of two courts of appeals to manage their case flow from the filing of the notice of appeal through the time the case is prepared for submission to the court.

W. Wayne Buckner, Larry C. Farmer
January 1, 1981


June 1, 1974

The study was developed by Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, under contract to the Federal Judicial Center.

Denise Bonn
June 1, 1974

In 1975, the Commission on Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System, chaired by Senator Roman L. Hruska, recommended to the Congress, the President and Chief Justice of the United States that the geographical boundaries of the Fifth and Ninth Circuits be altered to create four circuits.


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