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Leonidas Ralph Mecham
October 28, 1994

Memo to all federal courts clerks, chief probation officers, and chief pretrial services officers regarding the staffing equalization program that the judicial conference approved for FY 1995.

Glen Palman, Emily Z. Huebner
May 5, 1994

Agenda and notes from CADs/CED coordination meeting. Includes a CED organizational chart and a footnoted excerpt of the CJRA sections 479-481

Robert Manley Parker
October 22, 1992

Updates chief judges and advisory group chairs on the implementation of the Civil Justice Reform Act.

Peter G. McCabe, Gary C. Petty
October 15, 1992

A series of memos discussing proposed changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that have been recommended by the courts in response to the Civil Justice Reform Act

October 1, 1992

Judicial Conference's template of a district plan for cost and delay reduction, with alternatives based on the plans of Early Implementation Districts

Donna J. Stienstra, Abel J. Mattos
September 30, 1992

This memo from CJRA Project Directors at the Administrative Office and the Federal Judicial Center provides court clerks and advisory group members with contact information, timetables, guidelines and a list of Federal Judicial Center resources that they can use to implement the provisions of the

July 30, 1992

Draft of the Judicial Conference's template of a district plan for cost and delay reduction, to be edited and published by September

Robert Manley Parker
February 6, 1992

This letter to Chief Judge William D. Browing informs him that the Judicial Conference has selected the Arizona District as a comparison district to study the impact of CJRA measures and asks for his cooperation in the study.

Terry Carter
October 25, 1991

Several news articles describing judicial reactions to the CJRA. Additional date: 10/23/1991


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