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Judicial Conference

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July 20, 2020

This guide serves as a brief introduction to the administrative organization of the federal judiciary, and the organizations, offices, and individuals involved in the governance of the federal judiciary.

Marie Leary, Laural L. Hooper
October 21, 2019

The Resource Guide for Chief Circuit Judges’ Deskbooks describes the roles of the chief circuit judge, the leader of administrative operations for the court of appeals, and the circuit as a whole.

April 4, 2016

This paper provides a brief explanation of the Judicial Conference of the United States: its duties and responsibilities, its membership, and a list of its committees.

Carol L. Krafka, Donna J. Stienstra, Patricia A. Lombard, Rebecca N. Eyre
January 1, 2008

At the request of the Judicial Conference Committee on Court Administration and Case Management, the Federal Judicial Center conducted a study of the use of courtrooms in the U.S. district courts.

Russell R. Wheeler
January 1, 2003

This brief pamphlet describes the major agencies that administer the federal courts on the national, regional, and local level and summarizes their primary functions. It covers, for example, the circuit judicial councils, circuit conferences, the U.S.

Judicial Conference, Leonidas Ralph Mecham
May 1, 1997

L. Ralph Mecham transmits to Congress the Judicial Conference's 6-part final report on the CJRA including analysis of CJRA implementation, alternative plans for cost and delay reduction, and techniques, guidelines, and principles of CJRA efforts.

James S. Kakalik, Terence Dunworth, Laural A. Hill, Daniel McCaffrey, Marian Oshiro, Nicholas M. Pace, Mary E. Vaiana
January 29, 1997

Institute for Civil Justice, Rand Corporation.

March 1, 1995

Prepared by the Federal Judicial Center with assistance from Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.


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