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Richard L. Deal & Associates Inc.
January 1, 1978

This study was conducted in order to develop a projection of the Federal Judicial Center Courtran II data communications requirements and to determine the most cost effective way to meet those requirements. The study looked forward from 1978 to 1983.

Joseph L. Ebersole
January 1, 1977

This paper presents a history of the development of computerized information retrieval systems.

Alan M. Sager
January 1, 1977

This report describes a Federal Judicial Center study that evaluated the use of computer-assisted legal research systems in federal courts in the 1970s.The report explained the systems that were compared and the methodology of the project, provides comparative data, and recommended adoption of th

Alan M. Sager
January 1, 1977

An evaluation of the utility to federal courts of a computerized system for checking the accuracy of case citations and determining case histories. The report explains the evaluated system and the methodology of the project and covers usage data and the accuracy of cite-checking systems.

C.M. Leinwand Associates
January 1, 1977

This report to the Federal Judicial Center looks at problems related to the collection and analysis of data that were encountered during the Center's first 10 years of existence.

January 1, 1976

This manual describes procedures for court employees to call, log in and log out of the Federal Judicial Center computers to access COURTRAN. Instructions for use of COURTRAN are contained in separate manuals.

June 23, 1973

In response to concerns expressed about delay in transmission of proposed opinions and emergency motion papers among the widely-scattered judges of the Temporary Court of Emergency Appeals (TECA), the Federal Judicial Center conducted a pilot project experimenting with the use of IBM Magnetic Car


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