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William W Schwarzer, Marilyn Roberts
July 1, 1993

In this issue of the State-Federal Judicial Observer:

John E. Shapard
January 1, 1985

A brief description of a test of the use of videotape for part of the bankruptcy discharge hearing for debtors required by 11 U.S.C. Section 524(d). The test demonstrated that use of the videotape conserves judge time and can enhance the value of the hearing to the debtor.

Gordon Bermant
January 1, 1985

A discussion of the issues courts must consider as they implement automated systems.

January 1, 1985

This document presents the plan for automation within the United States courts for Fiscal Years 1985-1989

Jack R. Buchanan, Richard D. Fennell, Hanan Samet
March 1, 1984

A technical description of the design and implementation of a general-purpose data base programming facility, combining a network-style data base management system and a high-level system implementation programming language.

Barbara Meierhoefer
January 1, 1983

A discussion of the use of teleconferences to conduct certain proceedings in federal courts. The author presents reports of judges experienced with the procedure.

J. Michael Greenwood
January 1, 1981

A survey of the experiences of official federal court reporters using computer-aided transcription (CAT) technologies. The study reports mixed evaluations of the relative costs and benefits of CAT.

Charles W. Nihan, Russell R. Wheeler
January 1, 1981

An analysis, produced for a symposium on federal judicial administration, of the ways in which technology helped the courts in the 1970s and 1980s and of how the special characteristics of courts affect their receptivity to technological innovation. 


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