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A discussion of the use of staff attorneys in each circuit court, based on reports prepared by senior staff attorneys.

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A description of the calendaring and assignment computer software system that the Center designed at the request of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The report includes suggestions for possible applications of that software.

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An attempt to develop estimates of relative workload in the courts of appeals without detailed timekeeping by judges. Judges estimated the relative workload associated with various appeal types, and their estimates were used to calculate case weights. The report concluded that the weighted caseloads produced by this method were not useful measures of appellate workload, but cautioned that the method could not be adequately assessed given the inconsistencies in the appellate court statistical reporting systems in place in the mid-1970s.

Please note: There is a typographical error in this document. The number VI was accidentally skipped when putting together the sequence of tables, but no text or table is missing from the report.

Also note: This report is reprinted in Part Two of Managing Appeals in Federal Courts (1988).

Archival Copy on File

The FJC is the repository for publications of the Commission on Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System and has available a limited number of copies of the commission's report: Structure and Internal Procedures: Recommendations for Change (1975). Transcripts of the hearings before the commission in its first phase (one volume) and second phase (two volumes) are available only on loan. The Geographical Boundaries of the Several Judicial Circuits: Recommendations for Change (1973)

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A report prepared for the Commission on Revision of the Federal Court Appellate System

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Appendix to the Comparative Report on Internal Operating Procedures of United States Courts of Appeals.

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Summarizes how the judges of two circuits assess certain significant characteristics of their courts: (1) the memorandum system of deliberation in the Second Circuit; and (2) the 15-judge size of the Fifth Circuit. Data were developed from interviews conducted during 1969-70.

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A description of procedures in six stages of the appellate process: notification, documentation, argumentation, decision, publication, and mandate. The report also describes procedures related to judicial conferences, councils, committees, and circuit executives; bar admission and regulation; court support personnel, staff attorneys, and libraries. Procedures in each of the federal courts of appeals are identified and compared.


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