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December 1, 1972
Paul A. Freund, Alexander M. Bickel, Peter D. Ehrenhaft, Russell D. Niles, Bernard G. Segal, Robert L. Stern, Charles A. Wright

The conclusions of a panel of scholars and practitioners who were assembled to study the caseload of the Supreme Court, identify problems, and recommend jurisdictional and procedural changes to assist in remedying those problems. The text of this report can also be found at 57 F.R.D. 573 (1972). The report is commonly known as the Freund Commission Report.

See also Study Group on the Caseload of the Supreme Court ― Press Conference Transcript (1972).


November 10, 1972
William B. Eldridge

Remarks about the Federal Judicial Center's 1969-70 time study at an ORSA-TIMS-AIEE meeting, in Atlantic City, November 10, 1972.

January 1, 1972
William B. Eldridge


January 1, 1972
Ralph B. Stauber

This paper critiquing the 1969-70 time study was presented at an ORSA-TIMS-AIEE meeting, in Atlantic City, November 10, 1972.

January 1, 1972
Nan Gold

A perspective on Courtran as a system that allows courts to make informed decisions about the management of its operations and caseload, and on the need to develop and implement new management techniques. Prepared for presentation at the International Search Symposium, New Orleans, La., October 3–5, 1972.

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June 1, 1971

A Report to the Federal Judicial Center by the Statistical Reporting Service of the United States Department of Agriculture and the Department of Agriculture Graduate School. Submitted pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding entered into by the Statistical Reporting Service, the Graduate School, and the Federal Judicial Center.

January 1, 1970

Several Federal Judicial Center research projects have required reference charts on statistical trends. Some of the general charts are reproduced herein as a handy reference for persons interested in or requiring this data for their work. The charts are based on data from the Annual Report of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts for the years 1940 through 1969.

Civil Justice Advisory Group for the District of Nebraska

Data tables from a survey of attorneys about civil litigation in the District of Nebraska. Survey conducted pursuant to the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990 and published as Appendix C of the Report of the Advisory Group of that district.

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Mark D. Shapiro

Summary of the CJRA report and plan for the District of Colorado

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Statistical overview of the Caseloads & Case Weights for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from 1972 through 1992.

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