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CJRA Development and Implementation Documents

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Memo: Resolution Of The Eighth Circuit In Executive Session On S. 2648 07/23/1990 8th Cir. June L. Boadwine Download
Memo: Federal Judgeship Act of 1990 07/23/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham, Jack Brooks Download
Letter: Resolution of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis 07/25/1990 8th Cir., E.D. Mo. John Francis Nangle Download
Article: Civil Reform / Judgeship Legislation Moves Ahead 08/01/1990 Download
Article: As I See It 08/01/1990 Michael E. Tigar Download
ICJ Research Brief: "Civil Delay in Federal Courts: Is it Getting Worse?" 08/01/1990 Download
Prepared Statement: Edward D. Re on H.R. 5381 08/23/1990 Edward D. Re Download
Memo: Legislative Issues 08/27/1990 Robert E. Fiedler Download
Letter: Judge William L. Hungate to Judge John F. Nangle 08/29/1990 E.D. Mo. William L. Hungate, Stephen Labaton Download
Memo: Judge Sarah Evans Barker on statement for september 6 testimony 08/31/1990 N.D. Cal., S.D. Ind. Sarah Evans Barker Download
Memo: Packham statement for September 6 08/31/1990 E.D. Mo. John Francis Nangle Download
Memo: Housing for Judgeships in the Biden and Brooks Bills 08/31/1990 Raymond A. Karam Download
Memo: Analysis Of Rand Corporation Report Using 1987 Through 1989 Data 08/31/1990 David L. Cook Download
Letter: Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference Resolution on S. 2648 08/31/1990 E.D. Mo., 8th Cir. John Francis Nangle Download
Memo: Judicial Impact Statement for H.R. 5381 and S. 2648, the Federal Courts Study Committee Implementation Act of 1990 09/04/1990 Nancy Potok Download
Memo: Department of Justice proposed testimony on H.R. 3898 and H.R. 5381 09/04/1990 James J. Jukes Download
Prepared Statements of Judge Joseph F. Weis, Jr., Senator Joseph R. Biden, Stephen B Middlebrook, Diana E. Murphy, and Stuart T. Gerson on H.R. 5381 and H.R. 3898 09/06/1990 3rd Cir., D. Minn. Joseph F. Weiss Jr., Joseph R. Biden, Stephen B. Middlebrook, Diana E. Murphy, Stuart T. Gerson Download
Prepared Statements of Judges Joseph F. Weiss, Jr. and Deanell R. Tacha on H.R. 5381 09/06/1990 10th Cir., 3rd Cir. Deanell Reece Tacha, Joseph F. Weiss Jr. Download
Memo: Judicial Impact Statement for Amendments to S. 591 and S. 592, the Criminal and Civil Voir Dire Demonstration Acts of 1990 09/11/1990 Nancy Potok Download
Judicial Impact Statement 14 point plan 09/13/1990 Nancy Potok Download
Memo: Amendments to H.R. 5381, the Federal Courts Study Committee Implementation Act 09/19/1990 Art White, Karen Kremer Download
Memo: L. Ralph Mecham on the Biden Bill 09/21/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download
Memo: Chief Judge Barefoot Sanders on the Civil Justice Reform Act 09/27/1990 N.D. Tex. Harold Barefoot Sanders Jr. Download
Congressional Record: H.R. 3898 09/27/1990 Download
Memo: H.R. 3898, H.R. 5316, and H.R. 5381 09/28/1990 Leonidas Ralph Mecham Download