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James D. Garbolino
February 12, 2018

Defenses | Consent – Facts Supporting Consent

James D. Garbolino
April 18, 2017

Settlement | Immigration Status | Return Despite Existing Defense

Marie Leary
November 30, 2004

The Federal Judicial Center prepared this report to assist the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure to evaluate reported problems with and potential amendments to Rules 28 and 32 on the content and cover of briefs.

Douglas G. Eisele, Civil Justice Advisory Group for the Western District of North Carolina
October 13, 1998

Western District of North Carolina Civil Justice Advisory Group chairman Douglas G. Eisele transmits his advisory group's final periodic assessment to CJRA Committee members, Article III judges, and magistrate judges

Henry Coke Morgan Jr.
October 2, 1995

Eastern District of Virginia Judge Henry Coke Morgan, Jr. forwards a copy of Form JS-56 (Report of Motions-Pending More Than Six Months/Bench Trials Submitted More Than Six Months) to Circuit Executive Samuel W. Phillips. Letter also forwarded to the Administrative Office's Abel J.

Civil Justice Advisory Group for the Middle District of North Carolina
June 9, 1995

The 1994 Annual Assessment of the Condition of the Civil and Criminal Dockets of the Middle District of North Carolina, as required by the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990.

Samuel W. Phillips
March 28, 1995

Samuel W. Phillips informs Chief Judge Richard L. Voorhees that the Judicial Council of the Fourth Circuit has approved the amended Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan that the Western District of North Carolina submitted for consideration on January 5th, 1995

Frederick P. Stamp Jr.
March 20, 1995

Frederick P. Stamp, Jr. signs this court order appointing members of the Northern District of West Virginia's Civil Justice Advisory Group.


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