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Court-Annexed Arbitration in Ten District Courts: Technical Appendix

Barbara Meierhoefer
January 1, 1989
Archival Copy on File

In 1990 the Federal Judicial Center published Court-Annexed Arbitration in Ten District Courts, a statutorily mandated evaluation of the pilot court-annexed mandatory arbitration programs in ten federal district courts. The report examined how well the programs met various goals, relaying primarily on participants' responses to survey questions about fairness and reduction of cost, delay, and court burden. It also addressed how various program features affected goal achievement. The ten programs that were evaluated in the report were Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern California, Middle Florida, Western Michigan, Western Missouri, New Jersey, Western Oklahoma, Eastern New York, Middle North Carolina, and Western Texas. Many of the conclusions drawn throughout the report are based on regression analyses. The first sections of this unpublished technical appendix describe in detail the model for these analyses and how the variables were grouped and coded. The last part of the appendix presents the results of the regression analysis of each dependent variable. Each presentation includes a description of the sample and of the dependent variable, shows the incremental R-square for each set of independent variables, and lists the beta weights, and their significance level, for all variables used in the analysis.