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Judicial Conference, Leonidas Ralph Mecham
May 1, 1997

L. Ralph Mecham transmits to Congress the Judicial Conference's 6-part final report on the CJRA including analysis of CJRA implementation, alternative plans for cost and delay reduction, and techniques, guidelines, and principles of CJRA efforts.

Robert March
August 23, 1996

Clerk of the Court Robert M. March transmits the District of New Mexico's Process Innovation Report to Abel J. Mattos of the Administrative Office. March describes the report as "an important aspect of the development of the electronic filing Advanced Court Engineering (ACE) project."

Joseph A. DiClerico, Civil Justice Advisory Group for the District of New Hampshire
August 16, 1996

The results of a survey of attorneys designed to assess the effects of the local changes implemented under the district's Expense and Delay Reduction Plan.

Civil Justice Advisory Group for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
May 24, 1996

Appendix to the 1995 Periodic assessment with statistical tables and questionnaire results.

Henry Coke Morgan Jr.
October 2, 1995

Eastern District of Virginia Judge Henry Coke Morgan, Jr. forwards a copy of Form JS-56 (Report of Motions-Pending More Than Six Months/Bench Trials Submitted More Than Six Months) to Circuit Executive Samuel W. Phillips. Letter also forwarded to the Administrative Office's Abel J.

Marjorie E. Krahn, Civil Justice Advisory Group for the District of Vermont
October 1, 1995

A statistical and survey analysis of the District of Vermont's Early Neutral Evaluation Program July 1, 1994-October 31, 1995.

Civil Justice Advisory Group for the District of Maine
April 21, 1995

Results, responses, and commentary from the survey on the effects of the Civil Justice Reform Act conducted by the advisory group of the District of Maine.

Michael E. Kunz, Edward Norman Cahn
February 22, 1995

Clerk of the Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Michael E. Kunz shares his research and recommendations on Federal Rules and automated systems and technological services, and public access

January 6, 1995

Report Amended to Reflect Cases Directly Assigned Reporting Period of 11/01/1994 through 11/30/1994 for Divisional Office 3 (Baton Rouge)

October 1, 1994

Updated statistics for 44 districts with information for SY 1994


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