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Local Rules

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Frederick P. Stamp Jr.
March 20, 1995

Frederick P. Stamp, Jr. signs this court order appointing members of the Northern District of West Virginia's Civil Justice Advisory Group.

Naomi Medvin, Elizabeth C. Wiggins, F. James Kearney
March 8, 1995

District-by-district summary and chart of local rules or orders adopted by U.S. Bankruptcy courts responding to 1993 amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 26. Also summarizes other discovery-related requirements and patterns found in courts' responses to amendments.

Patricia Butson
March 7, 1995

Librarian Patricia Butson forwards the Local Rules book for the District of Hawaii to Duane R. Lee of the Administrative Office

Robert Dennis
March 6, 1995

Clerk of the Court Robert D. Dennis transmits amendments to the Local Rules for the Western District of Oklahoma to Abel J. Mattos of the Administrative Office. Amendments are current as of 2/1/1995

Samuel W. Phillips
March 1, 1995

Samuel W. Phillips transmits a certified copy of Judicial Council Order No. 102 approving the latest amendments to the Jury Selection Plan for the Southern District of West Virginia to Chief Judge Charles H. Haden II

Charles Weston Houck
January 18, 1995

Order signed by District of South Carolina Chief Judge C. Weston Houck assigning responsibilities and timelines for the completion of the district's periodic assessment and the implementation of the Expense and Delay Reduction Plan as ordered by the Civil Justice Reform Act of 1990.

John T. Shope, William Clark O'Kelley
January 17, 1995

District Court Executive John T. Shope encloses a copy of a recent revision to the Local Rules of the United States-District Court for the Northern District of Georgia in a letter to Duane R. Lee of the Administrative Office. Local Rules changes signed by Chief Judge WIlliam C.

Robert M. Landis, Edward Norman Cahn
November 1, 1994

A questionnaire sent to counselors in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania regarding the court's Self-Executing Disclosure Rule implemented as part of the Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan for the district.

Civil Justice Advisory Group for the District of Colorado, Thomas C. Seawell
September 1, 1994

A survey of lawyers in the District of Colorado regarding changes to Federal and Local Rules

Thomas Collier Platt Jr.
June 24, 1994

Thomas C. Platt signs this local rules order making amendments to the Eastern District of New York's Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan.


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