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The Resource Guide for Chief Circuit Judges’ Deskbooks describes the roles of the chief circuit judge, the leader of administrative operations for the court of appeals, and the circuit as a whole. The guide outlines the chief circuit judge’s key responsibilities, including the duties that Congress, the Judicial Conference of the United States, and the director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts have assigned or delegated to these judges. Also included is a discussion of the role chief circuit judges play in fostering judicial wellness and collegiality and in promoting an exemplary workplace. Circuit-specific policies and practices are not included, so that the guide can serve as a template for circuits to supplement with their local rules and policies.

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This repository of materials was developed as a companion to the manual, Navigating Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code, to provide courts with examples of case documents and other resource materials related to issues likely to arise in Chapter 9 cases. Documents are included from cases filed by variety of debtors: cities, townships, and counties; medical-related entities, such as county hospitals and authorities; and political subdivisions, such as sanitary and improvement districts, water districts, and off-track betting authorities.

The materials have been placed into the following categories. Some documents relating to multiple categories have been placed in the most relevant categories and cross-references are made between the categories. Some significant documents have been put into more than one category.

We welcome suggestions about other materials that may be helpful to courts for inclusion in the Chapter 9 repository. Please send your ideas and materials to Beth Wiggins at

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This page includes local rules and court procedures related to Chapter 9 bankruptcy, as well as information about related state law, including law regarding eligibility to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

State Law, Local Rules, and Court Procedures is one of several Chapter 9 Online Repository categories.

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At the request of the Advisory Committee on Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the Center collected and reviewed local bankruptcy rules regarding signatures of non-registrants of CM/ECF (e.g., debtors) and requirements for retention of documents bearing original handwritten signatures of non-registrants. Staff also reviewed district court rules regarding signatures and retention, reviewed an OMB document on the use of electronic signatures in federal transactions, and solicited the views of interested parties regarding potential rules changes in these areas.



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