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January 1, 1997
Gordon Bermant, Arlene Jorgensen Hillestad, Aaron Kerry

A report that responds to a request by the Judicial Conference Committee on the Administration of the Bankruptcy System for empirical information and analysis on whether the bankruptcy case venue statutes and procedural rule should be amended. The report presents the results of a 1996 survey of federal bankruptcy judges about Chapter 11 venue and judges' views of a proposal to amend 28 U.S.C.

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June 1, 1996
Joe S. Cecil
Letter to the Chair of the Judicial Conference Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure regarding current research plans in the area of the committee's rulemaking authority under 28 USC § 1292(e).
January 1, 1996
James G. Apple, Thomas Buergenthal, Rait Maruste, Judith Hippler Bello

In this issue of the International Judicial Observer:

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October 1, 1994
Susan Graber, William W Schwarzer

In this issue of the State-Federal Judicial Observer:

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July 1, 1990
Federal Courts Study Committee, Judicial Conference of the United States

The Federal Courts Study Committee's Working Papers and Subcommittee Reports constitute Part III of the Committee's report. These materials were valued background materials which the Committee determined should be published for general consideration whether or not the Committee agreed with their substantive proposals. In no event should these working papers and subcommittee reports be construed as having been adopted by the Committee.

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January 1, 1988
Gordon Bermant, Steven Hartwell

A study of the Southern District of California's bankruptcy mediation program. The authors summarize interviews with twenty-six program participants and analyze the first eighty adversary proceedings to come to mediation. They explain the structure of the program and describe the opinions of judges, mediators, and attorneys as to the program's effectiveness.

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