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November 7, 2017
Elizabeth C. Wiggins

This repository of materials was developed as a companion to the manual, Navigating Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code, to provide courts with examples of case documents and other resource materials related to issues likely to arise in Chapter 9 cases.

October 24, 2017

This page includes documents related to the court’s review of fees paid by the debtor to professionals in connection with a Chapter 9 case. In Chapter 9 cases, the debtor may employ professionals without court approval, and the judge reviews fees only within the context of plan confirmation. Sections 327 through 331 of the Bankruptcy Code are not applicable.

October 23, 2017
This page includes documents from several cases related to the debtor’s eligibility to file a Chapter 9 case, including documents from one case that was dismissed based on the debtor’s ineligibility. The Jefferson County documents explicate the issues that can arise in interpreting a state’s authorization statute, as does Stockton document number 426. The Stockton documents also are particularly helpful with respect to the “good-faith” issue.
The page also includes a review of state authorization statutes and opinions.
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February 22, 2013
Molly T. Johnson

At the request of the Advisory Committee on Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the Center collected and reviewed local bankruptcy rules regarding signatures of non-registrants of CM/ECF (e.g., debtors) and requirements for retention of documents bearing original handwritten signatures of non-registrants. Staff also reviewed district court rules regarding signatures and retention, reviewed an OMB document on the use of electronic signatures in federal transactions, and solicited the views of interested parties regarding potential rules changes in these areas.

January 1, 2009
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January 1, 1997
Gordon Bermant, Arlene Jorgensen Hillestad, Aaron Kerry

A report that responds to a request by the Judicial Conference Committee on the Administration of the Bankruptcy System for empirical information and analysis on whether the bankruptcy case venue statutes and procedural rule should be amended. The report presents the results of a 1996 survey of federal bankruptcy judges about Chapter 11 venue and judges' views of a proposal to amend 28 U.S.C.

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