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Article III

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Laurie Levenson, Evan Lee, Clara J. Altman
October 5, 2023

Criminal Law. Venue. Double Jeopardy Clause. Sixth Amendment. Experts analyze the Supreme Court’s holdings in important criminal law cases. In Smith v. United States the Court rules that double jeopardy does not apply to trials conducted in the wrong venue. Samia v. United States addresses whether use of a non-testifying co-defendant’s confession at trial violates the right to confront witnesses. Finally, they discuss what the dismissal after oral argument of In Re Grand Jury might mean to efforts to expand the scope of the attorney-client privilege.

Erwin Chemerinsky, Michael McConnell, Shelly A. Easter
September 28, 2023

Civil Rights. Title VII. §1983. Experts discuss the greater religious accommodation requirements for employers the Supreme Court outlines in Groff v. DeJoy, and the continuing availability of §1983 to enforce some private rights created by statutes adopted under the Spending Clause in Health and Hosp. Corp. of Marion Ctny. v. Talevski.

Erwin Chemerinsky, Tara L. Grove, James A. Chance
September 28, 2023

First Amendment. Public Accommodations. Experts discuss the Supreme Court’s emerging artistic expression exception to public accommodations laws, and the opinion’s potential impact on anti-discrimination laws in general.

Erwin Chemerinsky, Michael McConnell, Shelly A. Easter
September 21, 2023

Elections. Independent State Legislature Theory. Voting Rights Act. Experts discuss the Supreme Court’s rejection of the Independent State Legislature Theory in Moore v. Harper, and  the Court’s reaffirmation and application of the Thornburg v. Gingles test to districting questions in Allen v. Milligan.

Laurie Levenson, Evan Lee, James A. Chance
September 14, 2023

Executive Power. Major Questions Doctrine. Standing. Experts discuss the Court’s elevated clear statement rule in Biden v. Nebraska, and a potentially diminishing special solicitude toward state standing in United States v. Texas.

Thomas E. Baker
August 3, 2023

This primer is a brief introduction to the complexity and nuance in the subject-matter jurisdiction of the U.S. courts of appeals. It examines procedural issues related to the exercise of appellate jurisdiction in appeals from final judgments and interlocutory appeals.

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