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January 29, 1997
James S. Kakalik, Terence Dunworth, Laural A. Hill, Daniel McCaffrey, Marian Oshiro, Nicholas M. Pace, Mary E. Vaiana

Institute for Civil Justice, Rand Corporation.
This document traces the stages in the implementation of the CJRA in the study districts: the recommendations of the advisory groups, the plans adopted by the districts, and the plans actually implemented. It was prepared for the Judicial Conference of the United States.

All parts of this reports:

October 14, 1994
Elizabeth C. Wiggins, Melissa J. Pecherski

Interim report to the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rules providing information that was used in evaluating the need for additional provisions in the rules relating to sealed court records and sealed settlement agreements.

The 1996 final report is available here: Protective Order Activity in Three Federal Judicial Districts: Report to the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules (1996).

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