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Experimentation in the Law: Report of the Federal Judicial Center Advisory Committee on Experimentation in the Law

Edward D. Re, Alvin Bronstein, Wilfred Feinberg, Paul A. Freund, Joseph Tyree Sneed III, Alexander M. Capron, Jane Frank-Harman, Gerald Gunther, Alasdair MacIntyre, Norman Redlich, Jerome J. Shestack, Abraham D. Sofaer, June Louin Tapp
January 1, 1981
In Print: Available for Distribution

The committee examined the ethical and legal problems posed by experimentation with innovative programs and procedures in the justice system. The report offers guidance to justice system administrators to help ensure that needed experimentation is pursued in a manner commensurate with fundamental ideals of the system of justice. The report presents a comprehensive approach to addressing the need for experimentation as a means for improving the operation of the justice system and describes the ethical and legal constraints on such experimentation.