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U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama: Judges

Number of judges: 22
Tait, Charles (1824-1826)
Crawford, William (1826-1849)
Gayle, John (1849-1859)
Jones, William Giles (1859-1861)
Busteed, Richard (1863-1874)
Bruce, John (1875-1886)
Ervin, Robert Tait (1917-1949)
McDuffie, John (1935-1950)
Hand, William Brevard (1971-2008)
Cox, Emmett Ripley (1981-1988)
Howard, Alex T., Jr. (1986-2011)
Granade, Callie V. (2002-present)
Steele, William H. (2003-present)
DuBose, Kristi (2005-present)
Moorer, Terry Fitzgerald (2018-present)

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