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Appendix A, Forms 26-53 [Superseded]

January 1, 2001
Available Online Only

Form 26: Preliminary Report and Discovery Schedule

Form 27: Scheduling Order for Social Security Cases

Form 28: Order Setting Schedule for Social Security Cases

Form 29: Provisional Discovery Plan

Form 30: Memorandum and Order Regarding Discovery

Form 31: Items for Possible Inclusion in the Rule 16 Case Management Conference Notice

When Significant Electronic Discovery Is Anticipated

Form 32: Order for Settlement Conference

Form 33: Order Dismissing Case When Parties Have Not Timely Advised Court of the Outcome

of Settlement Efforts

Form 34: Order Dismissing Case When Parties Have Advised the Court That the Case Has


Form 35: Order Setting Pretrial Requirements Before Judge Charles R. Butler, Jr.

Form 36: Final Pre-trial Order, with Instructions

Form 37: Order for Pretrial Preparation

Form 38: Pretrial Order

Form 39: Order Setting Jury Trial, Final Pretrial Conference, and Requirements for the Proposed

Final Pretrial Order

Form 40: Order for Final Pretrial Conference

Form 41: Trial Order

Form 42: Jury Questionnaire

Form 43: Jury Questionnaire—Civil

Form 44: Stipulation and Order for Tailored Jury Trial

Form 45: Judge Paul A. Zoss’s Voir Dire

Form 46: Civil Jury Trial Checklist

Form 47: Guidelines for Preparation of Jury Instructions

Form 48: Expectations and Requirements for Trials

Form 49: Procedure for Presentation of Direct Testimony by Written Statement

Form 50: Standard Referral Order for Referring Matters to Magistrate Judges

Form 51: Order of General Reference to Magistrate Judges

Form 52: Notice, Consent, and Order of Reference: Exercise of Jurisdiction by a United States

Magistrate Judge

Form 53: Consent to Proceed Before a United States Magistrate Judge and Designation