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Video Technology

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Carly E. Giffin, Rebecca N. Eyre
May 31, 2022

This report summarizes the responses to a survey conducted by the Federal Judicial Center in July 2021 to collect the experiences and insights of U.S.

James D. Garbolino
March 19, 2021

Videoconference Testimony | Sixth Amendment Right to Confront and the Hague Convention

In this case, the petitioner made a pretrial request to appear by videoconference.


Elizabeth C. Wiggins
November 15, 2017

This guide on the use of distance participation (DP) technology to conduct bankruptcy hear­ings and trials provides an overview of general considerations, ranging from philo­sophical to practical, and then examines separately the use of the teleconferencing and videoconferencing.

Leonie M. Brinkema
March 1, 2006

Order, United States v. Moussaoui, No. 1:01-cr-455 (E.D. Va. Mar. 1, 2006), D.E. 1638.

Judicial Conference of the United States, Committee on the Administration of the Bankruptcy System
January 1, 2006

In August 2005, the Federal Judicial Center, at the request of and with assistance from the Subcommittee on Automation of the Judicial Conference Committee on the Administration of the Bankruptcy System, held a program at which bankruptcy judges discussed the use of distance participation technol

Meghan A. Dunn, Rebecca Norwick
January 1, 2006

This report describes the ways in which videoconferencing is used in the courts of appeals.

Judicial Conference of the United States, Committee on Court Administration and Case Management
January 1, 2001

This manual provides trial judges a handbook on managing civil cases.

Gordon Bermant
September 1, 1997

This report describes the purpose, aspirations, and components of the Federal Judicial Television Network (FJTN), which will reach judges and court staff members with a range of essential educational programs and other communications.

Barbara Meierhoefer
January 1, 1983

A discussion of the use of teleconferences to conduct certain proceedings in federal courts. The author presents reports of judges experienced with the procedure.


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