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Summary Jury Trial

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January 1, 1996
Donna J. Stienstra, Elizabeth Plapinger

Based on a survey of the federal district courts and an analysis of their rules, this sourcebook describes in detail how each court's ADR and settlement procedures functioned at the time of the survey. It also provides information for judges who design and refer cases to dispute resolution programs, for lawyers and litigants who face increasingly complex dispute resolution choices and obligations, and for policy makers and researchers who evaluate current programs and make recommendations for the future.

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January 1, 1995
Donna J. Stienstra, Thomas E. Willging

Long Range Planning Series, Paper No. 4

A discussion paper that analyzes arguments for and against incorporating ADR programs into the case-management procedures of federal district courts. The authors debate issues such as whether ADR is compatible with the role of the federal courts, whether ADR conserves litigants' costs and court resources, whether private or public-sector development of ADR is preferable, and whether mandatory or voluntary programs should be pursued.

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December 1, 1994
William W Schwarzer, Donna J. Stienstra, David William McKeague, Wayne D. Brazil, William Roy Wilson Jr., Genevra Kay Loveland, David Brock Hornby, Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow

Based on presentations and discussions at a conference for federal judges held in late 1993, articles in this issue of FJC Directions acquaint readers with the context in which ADR is developing, define the principal types of ADR used in the federal courts, document the development and emerging role of ADR administrators in eight courts,and discuss the practical problems of evaluating and monitoring ADR procedures. In this issue of FJC Directions:

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December 1, 1994
Judicial Conference of the United States, Committee on Court Administration and Case Management

Prepared by the Judicial Conference of the United States. Transmitted to Congress by the director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (includes Appendix I, III, IV).

Appendix II was issued separately as Appendix II to the Civil Justice Reform Act Report of the Judicial Conference of the United States, Report to Congress, December 1, 1994.

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January 1, 1994
Carol L. Krafka, David E. Rauma

A statutorily mandated report on the pilot court-annexed voluntary arbitration programs in eight federal district courts. The study examines program use in the context of the programs' referral systems. It is a companion to the 1990 FJC study of mandatory court-annexed arbitration programs, Court-Annexed Arbitration in Ten District Courts.

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January 1, 1990
Barbara Meierhoefer

A statutorily mandated evaluation of the pilot court-annexed mandatory arbitration programs in ten federal district courts. The report examines how well the programs have met various goals, delaying primarily on participants' responses to survey questions about fairness and reduction of cost, delay, and court burden. It also addresses how various program features affect goal achievement.

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January 1, 1987
Thomas E. Willging

A report, prepared as asbestos litigation was becoming a growing presence on federal dockets, based on an intensive study of ten federal district courts with heavy asbestos caseloads. The author examines both innovative and traditional methods of handling the asbestos caseload in the federal courts. He makes projections as to the expected future caseload and compares asbestos cases with other types of toxic tort litigation. Major topics include assignment systems, standard pretrial procedures, settlement, consolidation and other trial formats, and special burdens on judges and clerks.

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January 1, 1986
Carroll Seron

A study of the use of a pretrial procedure that required lawyers to hold a settlement conference and provide a certificate of settlement activity, a preliminary statement of the case after the settlement conference, a list of potential conflicts among interested parties, and a final-form pretrial order. The report describes what led the district to standardize its pretrial procedures and how this was accomplished. It also presents judges assessments of the procedures after one year of experience with them.

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January 1, 1986
Doris Marie Provine

A discussion of various techniques for settlement, such as judicial mediation, court-annexed arbitration, the use of special masters, summary jury trials, minitrials, and settlement conferences conducted by magistrate judges. The report is based on a conference of judges experienced in different types of settlement, interviews with court personnel, and literature in the field.

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