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Elizabeth C. Wiggins
November 7, 2017

This repository of materials was developed as a companion to the manual, Navigating Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code, to provide courts with examples of case documents and other resource materials related

October 23, 2017

This page contains an administrative order governing conduct, courtroom procedure, and decorum of the media and the public in connection with the Detroit case.

January 1, 2009

For convenience the Guide's exhibits are assembled here as a single downloadable file. To access the exhibits individually, or to download or order a hard copy of the Guide itself, follow the source link below.

Robert B. Kugler
July 13, 2007

Decorum Order, United States v. Shnewer, No. 1:07-cr-459 (D.N.J. July 13, 2007), D.E. 49 (reformatted).

Carol L. Krafka, Molly Johnson
January 1, 1994

An evaluation of the Judicial Conference's 1991-1993 pilot program allowing electronic media coverage of federal civil proceedings in six district and two appellate courts.

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