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Reports and Studies

Below is a list of a number of past published studies conducted by the Research Division. Some Center reports are not published or made publicly available due to restrictions in place from the source of the research request. Most research reports can be downloaded and in some instances, a hardcopy publication can be requested.

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Comparative Report on Internal Operating Procedures of United States Courts of Appeals

A description of procedures in six stages of the appellate process: notification, documentation, argumentation, decision, publication, and mandate. The report also describes procedures related to judicial conferences, councils, committees, and circuit executives; bar admission and regulation; court support personnel, staff attorneys, and libraries. Procedures in each of the federal courts of appeals are identified and compared.

January 1, 1973
Standards for Publication of Judicial Opinions: A Report of the Committee on Use of Appellate Court Energies of the Advisory Council on Appellate Justice

A report on procedures for determining whether an opinion should be published and whether an unpublished opinion may be cited to or by a court. The report recommends that opinions be published only if certain defined standards are satisfied. A proposed model court rule is included.

January 1, 1973
Federal District Court Time Study: An Aid to Resource Management

Remarks about the Federal Judicial Center's 1969-70 time study at an ORSA-TIMS-AIEE meeting, in Atlantic City, November 10, 1972.

November 10, 1972
Comparative Study of the Internal Operations and Process of Three US Courts of Appeals

Two volumes.

January 1, 1972
Potential For Video Technology in the Courts

Describes several uses for video technology in the judicial system. Discusses proscriptions against certain types of uses in federal courts, as well as those uses acceptable in the federal system. Analyzes factors that will affect the potential of video technology for improving court administration and notes special considerations that should precede widespread use.

January 1, 1972
Guidelines for Improving Juror Utilization in the United States District Courts

Guidelines developed from several studies to increase the utilization of jurors. The guidelines are designed to decrease the amount of time required of jurors and expenditures for jury costs.

January 1, 1972
Improving Court Reporting Services


January 1, 1972
A Further Look at the 1969-70 Federal District Court Time Study

This paper critiquing the 1969-70 time study was presented at an ORSA-TIMS-AIEE meeting, in Atlantic City, November 10, 1972.

January 1, 1972
Criminal Case Disposition Statistics, 1970 and 1972


January 1, 1972
Courtran from the User's Point of View

A perspective on Courtran as a system that allows courts to make informed decisions about the management of its operations and caseload, and on the need to develop and implement new management techniques. Prepared for presentation at the International Search Symposium, New Orleans, La., October 3–5, 1972.

January 1, 1972