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Abel J. Mattos
April 27, 1992

Abel J. Mattos updates Mark D. Shapiro on the progress and recommendations of each Circuit Review Committee regarding Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan

February 27, 1992

A table highlighting the different features of the Early Implementation District plans

November 18, 1991

Lists which districts have submitted final or draft plans and reports

October 21, 1991

Summary and review of civil justice reform efforts in the Western District of Tennessee

Michael W. J. Cody, Janet Leach Richards, Civil Justice Advisory Group for the Western District of Tennessee
September 26, 1991

The advisory group report for the Western District of Tennessee

Court Administration Division Administrative Office
August 1, 1991

A joint review of case management procedures in the Western District of Tennessee conducted by representatives of both the court and the Court Administration Division of the Administrative Office

Debbie Hunt, Odell Horton, Julia Smith Gibbons, James Dale Todd, Jerome Turner
March 1, 1991

Chief Deputy Clerk Debbie Hunt faxes a copy of the court order establishing the Civil Justice Advisory Group for the Western District of Tennessee to Barbara Quartulli. Order is signed by Judges Horton, Gibbons, Todd, and Turner.

Leonidas Ralph Mecham
January 16, 1991

Administrative Office Director Mecham describes the size, role, and composition of advisory groups and lists the pilot districts for CJRA implementation

List of designated Early Implementation Districts in accordance with the CJRA. Pilot and demonstration districts are noted.

Memphis Bar Association

A training and policy brochure that the Memphis Bar Association transmitted to CJRA Program Specialist Fredrick M. Rusillo


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