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Robert Timothy Reagan
August 6, 2023

Gray v. St. Louis City Board of Election Commissioners (Audrey G. Fleissig, E.D. Mo. 4:16-cv-1548)

Mark A. Sherman, Douglas Burris
April 5, 2018

This episode of Off Paper is a conversation with Doug Burris about innovation and leadership in the criminal justice system. Mr. Burris has served for 17 years as the Chief U.S. Probation Officer for the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Missouri.

David E. Rauma, Donna J. Stienstra, George W. Cort, Patricia A. Lombard
May 14, 1999

Should digital audio recording technology be an approved method for taking the offical record of federal courts proceedings?

Civil justice Advisory Group for the Eastern District of Missouri
May 23, 1997

The 1996 Periodic Assessment for the Eastern District of Missouri

Abel J. Mattos, Frederick M. Russillo, Mark D. Shapiro, Donna J. Stienstra, John A. Thawley
January 19, 1994

Abel J. Mattos transmits the remaining Administrative Office and Federal Judicial Center staff reviews of district plans and reports to the Judicial Conference Subcommittee on Case Management

Donna J. Stienstra
January 7, 1994

Federal Judicial Center review and evaluation of the Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan for the Eastern District of Missouri

Edward L. Filippine
December 1, 1993

Local court order exempting civil cases filed in the Eastern District of Missouri from Federal Rule of Civil Procedure-26(a) (1)


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