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Supreme Court of the United States: Meeting Places

New York City (1790)
  The Exchange Building
Philadelphia (1791-1800)
  Pennsylvania State House, February 1791
  City Hall, 1791-1800
  County Court House, August 1800
Washington, D.C. (1801-present)
  Conference Room, U.S. Capitol, 1801-1807
  Congressional Library, U.S. Capitol, 1808
  Long's Tavern, 1809
  Supreme Court Chamber, ground floor, U.S. Capitol, 1810-1814, 1819-1860
  Private residence (later known as Bell's Tavern), 1815-1816
  North Wing, U.S. Capitol, 1817-1818
  Supreme Court Room (Old Senate Chamber), U.S. Capitol, 1860-1935
  Supreme Court Building, 1935-present