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Fed. R. Civil P. 16

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Manual for Complex Litigation, Fourth, page  730

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Research on the local impacts of Federal Civil Rule 16(b)

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An examination of the local rules federal district courts have developed in response to the 1983 amendment to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 16, which calls for increased use of scheduling orders in managing caseloads. An appendix contains sample local rules from fifteen districts.

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An informal discussion, adapted from a lecture at a Center workshop, of the amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 7, 11, 16, and 26. The author, then a member of the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rules, explains the reasons for the changes and the responsibilities the amendments impose on both lawyers and judges.

In Print: Available for Distribution

A survey of the current state of the law with respect to sanctions for violations of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as reported in both the case law and the secondary literature. The report examines sanctions under Rules 47, 41(b), 55, 36, 11, and 16; several local rules; and rules permitting sanctions against attorneys rather than clients. The authors conclude that there is considerable laxity in the imposition of sanctions for violation of the rules, and they suggest several amendments to the rules.


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