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Fed. R. Civil P. 11

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David E. Rauma, Thomas E. Willging
February 24, 2005

A report of the results of a survey completed by 278 of 400 (70%) federal district judges in the winter of 2004-05. The Center conducted the study at the request of the Judicial Conference's Advisory Committee on Civil Rules.

January 1, 2004

Manual for Complex Litigation, Fourth, page  730

John E. Shapard, George W. Cort, Marie Leary, Thomas E. Willging, Elizabeth C. Wiggins, Kim McLaurin
January 1, 1995

A report of the results of a Center survey that sought federal trial attorneys' and federal district judges' views of the effects of Rule 11 before 1993, the effects of amendments to Rule 11 that became effective December 1, 1993, and the merits of proposals that would in large measure reverse th

Elizabeth C. Wiggins, Thomas E. Willging, Donna J. Stienstra
November 1, 1991

A magazine that reported Center research and education activities in a concise format. Centered around a study undertaken by the Center to assess the operation and impact of Fed. R. Civ. P.

Elizabeth C. Wiggins, Thomas E. Willging, Donna J. Stienstra, Michael E. Barnsback
January 1, 1991

Report on an empirical study of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11. The Research Division of the FJC undertook the study to assist the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules in its evaluation of the rule.

Thomas E. Willging
January 1, 1988

A report that discusses the possible chilling effects and potential for creating satellite litigation of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 (before the 1993 amendment that increased judges' discretion as to imposing sanctions).

A. Leo Levin, Syl Sobel
January 1, 1987

A paper that examines the application of the sanctions provisions of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 during the first few years after the 1983 amendments to the rule, with emphasis on appellate cases.

Saul M. Kassin
January 1, 1985

The results of a survey of 292 federal district judges concerning how they interpret and apply the 1983 amendments to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 (before the 1993 amendments).

Arthur R. Miller
January 1, 1984

An informal discussion, adapted from a lecture at a Center workshop, of the amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 7, 11, 16, and 26.


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